is certified by FSC standards.

Sustainability- a topic concerning us all more and more. Therefore, we at have decided to apply for a FSC certificate. FSC is short for „Forest Stewardship Council“- FSC is an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit organization established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests.
This international seal of approval certifies that biodiversity of vegetation and animals are conserved in forestry and that social interests of people living and working in the forest are being met. The complete surveillance from the forest to the printer ensures that cellulose for FSC-paper is taken from socially and environmentally beneficial forestry. This paper does not differ in any way from conventional paper concerning quality or aesthetics. By using FSC-paper highest quality can be combined with the protecting of the forests. This concept has not only persuaded us. More and more consumers are interested in environmental aspects of promotion products, packaging and other print media. Being FSC certified is qualified for using the FSC emblem on its print products.
This way our customers as the dispatching party can document that they also contribute to the protection of the forests.
Printing your products with you can use the FSC emblem to demonstrate to you customers that you also contribute to a good cause. prints climate neutral

Climatic change is omnipresent. Pictures and news on natural disasters which are ascribed to the greenhouse effect and the ambitious aims of the federal government to reduce CO2 emission attract public attention to climatic change. Social and ecological consequences of an unchecked global warming also harbour high risks. The preservation of infrastructure will demand increasing additional expenditures; by 2050 climatic change will cost Germany 0,5% of its gross domestic product. Regardless of rapidly increasing energy costs, a environment- and resource friendly production is becoming more important for economy and industry.